Operations process and results improvement for family businesses

Performance  |  Capability scale-up  |  Transformation

We solve business problems

We formulate, develop and implement sustainable solutions to business challenges including:

  • insufficient cash flow
  • failure to hit business results
  • losing jobs to competitors
  • delivery performance issues
  • quality incidents and customer complaints
  • failure to meet customer deadlines
  • non-success of business scale-up and growth
  • increased overhead costs
Operations process and results improvement, productivity SME improvement, Start-up and scale-up, rapid immediate results, we work with what you have

Our solutions

We help family businesses:


  • to respond quickly to achieve meaningful results
  • to set up cost management control systems
  • to facilitate product and process innovation from idea to prototype and series production
  • to build a foundation for continuous improvement and scaling up sustainable growth
  • to develop specific change management systems
  • to implement effective and efficient value chain processes
  • to improve productivity and outcomes
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Our approach

We help our clients future proof their businesses by:

  • focusing on our clients’ succession planning
  • identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • tailoring training, coaching and mentoring services to achieve business goals
  • developing clear and realistic plans for growth
  • improve the decision making process, especially as organisation changes and grows